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What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?There are only a couple of weeks left, but that is plenty of time to shake things up and make a change for the better. 

Our book club began spontaneously — While chatting with a few friends one particular friend suggested that we all read a eye-opener, recent bestsellerthat she was about to finish reading (she claimed that the novel was a MUST READ lol) and then she suggested that we get together to talk about it in a few weeks so we agreed and it has been good times every since.......
Something that was suppose to be a one time, fun gathering eventually became a monthly meetup, and it is something I look forwardto every time. 
The Nerdy Girls Plug Book Club is more than a monthly meet-up. It grants me the opportunity to venture outside of my normal comfort zone by reading book selections that I typically wouldn’t.  I feel that the name speaks volumes for the type of charisma each person brings to the club. I find myself looking forward to these themed monthly gatherings as any opportunity to step outside of my own norm and discuss a plethora of topics with some fabulous women!

You need only attend one meetup to feel welcomed!  A great group of women, we're a warm and friendly group.  We meet monthly and will often add additional reading opportunities to the calendar for a "Girl's Night Out".   We read a wide variety of books... we'll even consider your favorites, so feel free to make suggestions! The only thing better than a great book is a great book discussion... join us for a literary good time!

This  ladies only” clubs is only one of the many in Atlanta, Georgia, handily.  Its pitch is simple: “If you are looking for nice ladies who love to read, talk and like to share a laugh or two, join us! The purpose of this group is bringing together book-loving ladies on a regular bases to enjoy good reads and each other’s company.” 

If  you looking for a women's book club where the members love to read, talk and share a laugh or two about books? Join us! The purpose of this group is simple - we read books and we discuss them. Once or twice a month we meet at  homes of group members, coffee shops, libraries, bookstores and other public places, including parks and local restaurantslikemost book clubs -We eat and drink!!! Enjoy a couple of hours away from the family discussing a book we've read with other fun and interesting women.  

1. Supporting other readers

This is an obvious reason, but very valid. If you are meeting up with the same people every month (sometimes twice a month) you're going to get to know them better and better as time goes on.Whether you are already an established friend group looking to mix up your hang outs or a group of strangers who only have a love of reading in common, seeing this literary side of people is eye opening and exciting.

2.  Food And Drinks

Yes, I'm excited to talk about our book choice at the gathering but what is also wonderful about being part of a book club is the food and drinks. So when you commit to a book club, be sure to bring your opinions about the book you read as well as your appetite.

3. Reading books out of your normal routine

Do you tend to stick to one genre when you read? I didn't think I did, until I started keeping track of what I was reading.  Yikes! I shifted my own reading habits as a result, and being a part of a book club makes it even easier to be aware of what you read and try out new genres.  It's also fun to see what kind of books your book club pals will choose, too.

4. The Other Conversations That Happen

We start off talking about the book.  You'll speak about what you loved, what didn't feel realistic to you, your favorite characters, and key chapters. Then, someone will bring up the day's big news story, a new restaurant in town, or their Saturday night gone wrong, and suddenly you are on a completely different conversation track. The transition from book talk to simply chatting is always fun for me. I find that a lot of it has to do with how the group responds to the book. If it sparks heated debate, you may spend much of your time discussing it, but there will always be the book that doesn't inspire a deep discussion.

5. You'll Be Reading Consistently

This is the big one for me. Being a part of a book club means I will be reading at least one book a month no matter what. Usually, I'll finish it early and grab something else to read in the meantime. So, while you may all meet to discuss one book, you can also talk about everything you have been reading in the meantime. Believe me, reading is a habit you want to pick up. It is easy to forget to make time for it, but if you join a book club it will become a top priority.

With the holidays lumbering toward us at full speed, it is easy to focus on all you have to do for everyone else. Don't forget about yourself, though! If you've been meaning to treat yourself to a new experience, I highly suggest joining a book club. I look forward to it every month, and I have a feeling you will, too. 

Happy reading in the new year!


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